Research Management Solutions

We provide a one-stop-shop solution for your entire data journey from data collection till decision making viewership. We assist you in crafting actionable market intelligence through supplying powerful and ready to use data by applying our Machine learning tools and other advanced techniques.

Our Research Management process is backed by smart digital technologies hence, the outcomes are more affluent, turnaround time shorter, and management costs lower.

It is designed to influence the best possible approach for your requirements so that; you don’t end up paying more for what you deserve without compromising on the quality of services expected.

Our Departments assisting to drive this Engagement:

Project Documentation

Our Project Documentation team is responsible for handling all documents pertaining to individual projects. They are accountable to safeguard every step in the research process is accompanied by appropriate documentation to ensure clarity and transparency across all workgroups and time zone shifts

Project Management

Project Management teams are responsible for selecting and managing the appropriate mix of resources from our in‐house employees, in-country vendor partners, and specialist translation, panel, and sample providers globally which is very essential to our research model. Their core objective is to relieve our clients from time‐consuming hassles involved in managing the multi‐step complexities involved in research operations and assisting them with all operational aspects of a project.

They perform the critical function of supervising the research process to ensure all workgroups are synchronized well and are working together effectively and efficiently in accordance to the client expectations and provide most appropriate solutions with optimum quality results.

Programming and Hosting

Our programming team is well equipped with various programming tools and is proficient at handling complex survey design to ensure the respondent is affianced. We are competent to meet your most challenging programming needs, whether a budget-friendly or a specific language solution.

Data Collection

Our global data collection services are polished over years of meeting challenging business data requirements through various research requirements — simple to large, multi-wave, multi-country, multi-mode and multilingual data collection projects.

We completely understand that high-quality data is integral to insight-driven decisions. We are known to provide data collection services delivering; actionable insight and industry perspective for critical decisions

Analytics and Reporting

We believe critical phase of analysis mainly occurs during finalization of the dataset hence, we run customized cases for data checking, integrity testing, and quality control procedures as per the checklists which are internally designed and are pre-approved by our clients

We pursue an integrated approach for analysis and reporting requirements as we understand their importance and give due weight age at all stages of our research model.

Study Insights and Dashboards

We report key insights from the study, making them available through dashboards with key findings and study progress throughout the study

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