Account Profiling and Prospect Identification

A precise customer profile is a decisive element for effective sales cycles. More than forty percent of profiled database gets outdated within a year.

A focused list of prospects is the most critical component for effective marketing & sales cycles. Without an accurate and most updated list of prospects, marketing and sales efforts become burdensome, lengthy and inefficient. Focused lists pave the way for sales teams to maximize prospecting efficiency; while, unfocussed lists wastes time and leads to frustration.

We help you eliminate lengthy procedures to build a focused list:

Our account profiling exercise allows clients to leverage ready accounts of validated prospects which can be handed over to their sales force for prospecting.

Our in-house team of highly talented personnel saves the painstaking chore of researching target individuals and compiling contact information of key decision-makers across accounts that your business intends to penetrate and drive sales. We help you find right people within your target accounts, ensuring higher hit ratios, as opposed to scrambling through unsighted lists which are disreputable for low response rates.

We help our clients validate their ongoing databases?

More than Forty percent of database generated has a shelf life of not more than six to nine months. They often get obsolete and out-of-date; knowing how inefficient and cost-ineffective it is to dedicate the time of an experienced sales person to update an inaccurate database.

It has been our understanding that databases lose their accuracy very quickly and they become unfocused and obsolete with current dynamics of the market. People move, relocate or change jobs and it is difficult to track this movement timely. If poor quality list for marketing and sales is used, it can lead to high miss rate; moreover, these emails can be directed to spam filters and can potentially be blacklisted if incorrect email addresses are constantly reached.

A targeted database is important and cleansing needs to be an ongoing process. Using our qualified lists can be a preventative approach to save your business both time and money. Our service will help you scrub existing databases, replace incorrect contacts, update contact information, validate targets, and ensure a relevant and verified sales asset

Our Integrated approach assist develop these list with more than 90% accuracy

We follow a comprehensive approach while executing account profiling assignments by understanding client’s target markets and products which they intend to, push through these accounts profiled. We amalgamate our initial findings and share them with our internal teams to search web database and develop raw profiles across specific accounts with detailed contact information including company name, contact name, title, address, telephone number and direct e-mail address.

These databases are then validated with the help of primary research, by calling each and every prospect and verifying their information ensuring 90% accuracy on deliverables shared.

Once these databases are validated we deliver them to our clients for their easy plug and play into their CRM for sales and marketing prospecting.

Five reasons to invest in our account profiling:

• High Productivity
• Assist your talented resources from not pursuing the wrong prospects
• Amplify sales and marketing campaigns
• Shorten sales cycle
• Increased ROI

We would be pleased to be a valuable partner for keeping your marketing and sales databases updated.

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